Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pity Party and Roo's Garbage Adventures!

Today I’ve been a little preoccupied… to say the least.
This means my mothering instinct just takes over.
Bahahahahaha. Just kidding.
Here’s a little background for ya. I am one of those weird girls that got married right out of high school and started popping out babies. Then, *gasp* it didn’t work out, and I got divorced. Those child-marriages never last.
 I had both of my children while married, but now, not married.
You with me so far? 
 I started dating, which isn’t as fun as it looks by the way, and met a dude. Long story short, it didn’t work out and we recently split.
Today, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. This actually helps in some ways, because when I’m upset I clean. The kitchen is looking lovely by the way, and the dishes are almost done.
But here is where the whole “Poor me” thing gets in the way of my Mother of the Year duties. Let’s number the many times I was such a wonderful parent today:
1. While I was washing the dishes, Roo pulled a stool over and started “helping”… while I was contemplating life, she decided to put the dirty bottle opener in her mouth. So I noticed and took it away.
2. Next she put her hands in the disgusting, cold, haven’t done the dishes in three days water… and was sucking it off her fingers! I almost vomited, and quickly stopped her.
3. So she went off to play, and I continued to wash dishes, and I hear her grunting. She has gotten herself stuck in between the seat-back and the seat of a little kid’s chair. I didn’t even go to help her. I just looked to make sure she wasn’t hurt and then resumed my brooding. She wasn’t crying, so eh, she’s fine.
4. Pretty soon, she has meandered into the kitchen again, and I’m off in my own world cleaning until I hear… “hot dogs! Yummy!” and I turn to find her going through the garbage from when I cleaned out the fridge. Ick. Again, I make her stop and she runs off to play.
5. After a few minutes I move some clean laundry into my room, and come out, and there is no Roo. Hmmmmm…..
 What is she a puppy? First she drinks nasty water and then she’s rifling through our garbage!

6-10: (because this deserves more than one number)
 Confession time:
Here’s  the worse part about my mothering skills today. I almost stole Roo’s blankie. Yep. I really don’t want to look at it, since it was a blanket that she got from my ex…. and I almost took it and shipped it back to him. As I folded it up and put it in the box, she started to freak, and right then I realized I needed to snap out of it.
So I gave the annoying thing back.
It doesn’t match her nursery, and the thing is way too big for her to drag around, but she does it anyway. She really loves it, only God knows why, and I figure she won’t remember where it came from by next year. So all’s well that ends well... I didn’t actually take it.
But I still feel like a total jerk for almost making her give it up. Because to be fair…I’m not giving back my snowboarding gear that I got from him, so she shouldn’t have to give up her blanket...
If you were wondering- My almost five year old Mads was at school today, lucky girl, so she missed most of my supreme parenting.
Moral of the story: A pity party is just like any other party... if you want to have one, hire a babysitter first.


  1. LOL Very well put I love your moral to the story! You sound like your a wonderful mom, kids can be a handful (like you dont know) But Im sure you get it handled a million times better than most of us.

  2. Lmao. I love reading this and think you are a great mom. Don't feel too bad about the garbage, I keep having to take dog food out of Diesa's mouth. It's gross! Keep writing you do a great job. Maybe you should submit your MOTY articles to the sandy post. Would make a great ongoing column!

  3. Keep writing!! You have a real talent here!

  4. I don't think you need to give any of it back! You should look at it with love, and remember the good times! More good times will come around :).