Monday, January 10, 2011

Mother of the Year

Hello, I’m Nicky. I’m a 24 year old single mom to two beautiful little girls. I’m also a full time college student, part time crafter, horrible cook and mediocre housekeeper. I can’t keep plants alive, and my car is always a disaster even if I have just attempted to clean it. At one point my car was clean, my floors didn’t have graham cracker crumbs and I had a plant for a whole year without killing it… but that’s a story for a different day.
Mother of the Year may seem a little presumptuous of me. I mean, who hands out this award right? And why do I keep winning it? Is there a competition? Is there an election? Do they draw names out of a hat?
Slow down ladies, it’s not what you think.
"Mother of the Year" is a term my sister and I started using whenever we did something that made us look like amateurs. We use this moniker a lot… For instance, I may or may not have left a permanent marker in a place where my two year old daughter could reach it, and she may or may not have colored a soul patch on her chin with it. Tip: Milk will wash permanent marker right off. Mostly.   I also may or may not have left a pair of scissors where my five year old could reach them, and she may or may not have cut her beautiful long hair with them... In my defense, they were children’s scissors.
This blog is not about being the perfect mother, far from it actually. This blog is about my trip being the un-perfect mother, with soul patches and uneven hair.
I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read a blog from a sleep deprived mother of two. Honestly, I can see me writing 5 years from now, and having 5 followers. However if you stick around,  I can guarantee some laughs, because in my non-cyber life…I’m pretty sure people are laughing at me all the time.

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  1. Aww, we're laughing with you Nicky. :) And look, 3 followers already. Almost there after only 2 days!
    I'm excited to read your stories and be entertained by a fellow un-perfect mom. Keep it up, perfectionism isn't worth the trouble. ;)