Friday, December 16, 2011

My thoughts on the Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to use this free time on my hands (I just finished the fall term, and I’m on winter break) to write about something that isn’t my usual style on this Blog. I am not a politician. I honestly know very little about politics. I am a simple mom of two girls who loves her country and is proud to be an American. However, this is something that has been on my heart for a while now, so I’ll just say my piece and then let it go. Hopefully.

I’m talking about… you guessed it, the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal.

Can I just say- It’s about time?!

Ok, here I go.

First of all- how did we dare as a country to put qualifications on who can be willing to give their lives for our freedom? That seems a little like looking a gift horse in the mouth. Who are we to pass judgment, or force people to hide their sexuality just so they can do something for our country that many of us are not willing to do? This seems absurd to me. Like any gift, I believe we should graciously accept this gift and give a resounding Thank You! I don’t care what religion, background, or sexual preference you have- if you are willing to fight so that my children and I are protected- kudos to you.

Second of all- to those of you (and I have heard this argument numerous times) that are disgruntled because you may have to shower or share close quarters with someone you know is gay, and that makes you uncomfortable? I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but they were gay before you knew that they were. They have always been there, and haven’t made you uncomfortable before now.  Just because they may live with you, doesn’t mean they are attracted to you, so frankly… get over it.

Third- There are plenty of heterosexual and homosexual males and females who choose not to serve in the military, and that is fine. We don’t persecute them for their choice. So why on earth have we persecuted homosexual males and females who chose to make the ultimate sacrifice by joining?

 Fourth- Our military is made up fully of volunteers. These people are VOLUNTEERING to go to war for us should the need arise. And before now, many homosexuals did it willingly, even though they knew that they would have to hide a large part of themselves or they could literally be court marshaled and go to military jail or be dishonorably discharged. They felt strongly enough about protecting our country that they were willing to take that risk, even though as civilians they could have been able to live their lives as they saw fit. That puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

So put your prejudices and hate aside. Say thank you to those who serve, no matter what their sexual preference. And be grateful that they no longer have to feel fear that they might be “outed”, because no matter who they decide to love, those people have been trained to keep your family safe- and to lose even one to prejudice in the military judicial system would be a shame.

Ok, I’m hopping off of my soapbox now. I’m sorry if you don’t believe I’ve been politically correct or disagree with what I’ve written. I would just like to point out that I have many family and friends serving in our military at this moment, and I don’t care if the people watching their back are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, heterosexual, or completely celibate. If they are choosing to watch my family’s back- that’s good enough for me.

Oh, and If I don’t have time to blog before it get’s here-

Have a Happy, Healthy and Wonderful Christmas and Holiday season :)